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Symposium at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, October 16-17

Register now for Shifting Terrain: Mapping a Transnational American Art History at the Smithsonian American Art Museum on October 16–17, 2015!

The increasing internationalization of the study of American art has altered the topography of the discipline in ways that are widely acknowledged but not yet clearly defined. This two-day event will map out the changes that are occurring in the field of American art as it becomes enmeshed in a global art history. Sessions will examine current trends of inquiry and suggest new directions for scholarship. Shifting Terrain is the capstone event in the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s five-part series The Terra Symposia on American Art in a Global Context, initiated in 2006 with support from the Terra Foundation for American Art. More information along with speakers’ bios can be found online at

ARLIS/DMV in Pasadena

Last week’s ARLIS/NA 41st Annual Conference in Pasadena was a great success, due in part to the active participation of so many of our local colleagues. We provide here a list of chapter members’ conference activities in Pasadena. For those who were not able to attend the conference, we will update the list as the proceedings, presentations, and minutes are published in the coming months. In the meantime, we look forward to increasing our chapter’s presence at next year’s conference here in DC.

Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) 41st Annual Conference, “Crafting our Future”

Pasadena, CA, April 25-29, 2013

Conference Networking Guides:

  • Roger Lawson (National Gallery of Art)
  • Heather Slania (National Museum of Women in the Arts)
  • Julia Wisniewski (Library of Congress)

APRIL 26, 2013


  • ARLIS/NA Yearlong Career Mentoring: Crafting our Future Leaders

Instructors: Anna Simon (Georgetown University) and Heather Slania (National Museum of Women in the Arts)

  • The Art of GLAM-Wiki: The Basics of Sharing Cultural Knowledge with the World on Wikipedia

Instructor: Sara Snyder (Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution)

  • Crafting Assessment Questions: Creating the Tools to Assess Information Literacy Objectives for Art and Design

Instructor: Kathy Clarke (James Madison University)


  • New Voices in the Profession

Moderator: Jenna Rinalducci (George Mason University)

Special Interest Group Meetings:

  • Crafting a Thesaurus: An Update on the Artists’ Books Thesaurus from the Book Arts SIG

Presenter: Heather Slania (National Museum of Women in the Arts)

  • Artists’ Files Special Interest Group

Presenters and Participants: Anne Simmons (National Gallery of Art), Heather Slania (National Museum of Women in the Arts), and Sarah Osborne Bender (The Phillips Collection)

APRIL 27, 2013


  • Artists’ Books: Turning the Page to the Future

Presenter: Tony White (Maryland Institute College of Art), “Contemporary Artist’s Books Artist’s Publishing”

  • Archaeology Archives: Excavating the Record

Presenters: Lucie Stylianopoulos (University of Virginia), “Managing the Digital Dig: Partnerships and Progress on the ArchaeoCore Metadata Project” and Shalimar Fojas White (Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection), “Surveying the Survey: Archival Processing, Buildings Archaeology, and Online Outreach”

  • Emerging Technology Forum

Presenter: Bettina Smith (Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution), “Tumblr: A How-to”

  • The Evolution of Art Reference and Instruction: Outreach, Overlay, Online

Moderator: Anna Simon (Georgetown University)

Poster Sessions:

  • Mary Anne Dyer (Virginia Commonwealth University), “Full Speed Ahead: The Challenges of Cataloging a Historic Editorial Cartoon Collection”
  • Sarah Osborne Bender (The Phillips Collection), “History and Identity: Experiments in Creative Institutional Blogging”

APRIL 28, 2013


  • Gift Horses: Contending with Donated Labor and Library Materials

Presenter: Jacqueline Protka (Corcoran Gallery and Corcoran College of Art + Design), “I Don’t Do Copying” Structuring a Meaningful Library Internship”

  • To the Front! Bringing Collections and Librarian Expertise into User Communities and the Classroom

Presenter: Yuki Hibben (Virginia Commonwealth University), “Crafting Hybrid Library/Studio Courses to Enhance the Arts Curriculum”

Membership Meeting:

  • 2014 ARLIS/NA Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.

Presented by the conference planning committee co-chairs: Megan Halsband (Library of Congress), Roger Lawson (National Gallery of Art), Anne Simmons (National Gallery of Art), and Kathy Woodrell (Library of Congress)

Reflections of Toronto

Now that we’re in the heat of the summer, I find myself looking fondly on my experiences at the 2012’s ARLIS/NA Conference in Toronto. I was immeasurably pleased to be chosen as the Caroline Backlund Travel Award winner for this conference and am excited to share my experiences with those reading this blog post. At first I chastised myself for not writing immediately after the conference. However, as I look back on what transpired in Toronto, I realized how much the rest of my year has been influenced by this spectacular conference—a perspective I would not have had if I had written this in April.

The first day at the conference for me was all about having fun. Text messages trickled in as far-flung librarian friends arrived in Toronto. Before meeting up with some of them for dinner, I visited the Bata Shoe Museum with ARLIS-DMV officers Sarah Osborne Bender and Anne Simmons. Of particular interest to us was the architecture of the building and the exhibit on the Roaring 20s—those art deco shoes are just spectacular. Afterwards I traveled to the Windsor Arms for a fancy dinner with ARLIS/NA members from Texas, Indiana, and Florida. My, how ARLIS brings people together! The food was exquisite, but the company was even better.

Bright and early the following day I attended the mentoring program workshop. This is the second time I have attended this workshop, although my first acting as a mentor. We watched a DVD of mentoring expert Margaret Law who informs us about key aspects of the mentoring relationship. In between the DVD segments we had breakout sessions to perform different exercises to get us in the mentoring mood. I spoke to my mentee, Kai Alexis Smith from Pratt, before the conference but it was good to finally meet her in person that morning. I highly recommend joining the mentorship program as both mentor and mentee—there is always something new to learn. We even have a virtual mentoring program that is open for any ARLIS/NA member. Did I mention that I joined the Mentoring Subcommittee of the Professional Development Committee this year? Go mentoring! Continue reading

Chapter meeting in Toronto

Have a creative theme idea for the ARLIS/NA 2014 conference in D.C.?
Our 2014 D.C. conference will be a big topic at our chapter meeting in Toronto. We would like to discuss and perhaps select a theme at that time. One theme that has been suggested is “Past is Prologue”. Please send your own suggestions to Roger Lawson, Conference Program Co-Chair, at

-Don’t forget to check with your cell phone carriers about international rates for voice/text/data service while in Canada so as not to incur unexpected charges.

-I have been asked to add our chapter meeting to the Sched application for Toronto. Because we are not using a conference-sanctioned meeting space, I am unable to do so. Please keep your personal schedules open for our meeting on Saturday, March 31, at 9:30 am, location TBA. The first half of our meeting will be standard chapter business, followed by a 2014 conference planning session.

-Finally, before attending our chapter meeting next Saturday, take a moment to review minutes from our Fall meeting.

Chapter Chair/ARLIS-DMV

UPDATE: Please gather for our chapter meeting at the ARLIS Hospitality/Check In desk at 9:30am on Saturday, March 31. We will move to a meeting location from there.

Chapter Meeting in Toronto

For those of you planning to attend the ARLIS/NA national conference in Toronto later this month, I wanted to let you know that our local chapter meeting will be held Saturday morning, March 31st, at 9:30, location to be announced. Meeting rooms are limited at the hotel, so we may be forced to meet in a more informal setting, to be determined upon arrival in Toronto. I will send information on the location out on the listserv as well as leave an announcement at the conference hospitality desk.

For those not attending the conference, I look forward to seeing you at our local summer meeting.

Sarah Osborne Bender