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Chapter Members Plan for ARLIS 2014 While Abroad


ARLIS/DMV in Germany

Kristen Regina, Gregg Most, and Shalimar White engage in conference planning even while traveling in Germany!

Chapter meeting in Toronto

Have a creative theme idea for the ARLIS/NA 2014 conference in D.C.?
Our 2014 D.C. conference will be a big topic at our chapter meeting in Toronto. We would like to discuss and perhaps select a theme at that time. One theme that has been suggested is “Past is Prologue”. Please send your own suggestions to Roger Lawson, Conference Program Co-Chair, at

-Don’t forget to check with your cell phone carriers about international rates for voice/text/data service while in Canada so as not to incur unexpected charges.

-I have been asked to add our chapter meeting to the Sched application for Toronto. Because we are not using a conference-sanctioned meeting space, I am unable to do so. Please keep your personal schedules open for our meeting on Saturday, March 31, at 9:30 am, location TBA. The first half of our meeting will be standard chapter business, followed by a 2014 conference planning session.

-Finally, before attending our chapter meeting next Saturday, take a moment to review minutes from our Fall meeting.

Chapter Chair/ARLIS-DMV

UPDATE: Please gather for our chapter meeting at the ARLIS Hospitality/Check In desk at 9:30am on Saturday, March 31. We will move to a meeting location from there.

Summer Meeting Agenda


Please find the agenda for our business meeting below. If you have anything to add, please email to Anne Simmons.

Information on the meeting and directions to GMU can be found here.

We will have an hour in the afternoon to discuss the upcoming 2014 ARLIS/NA Conference. As our Local Conference Committee Co-Chairs are yet to be appointed, this will be a more free-form meeting to allow you to think about the contributions you can offer to the planning process. I will bring some handouts outlining the conference committee’s responsibilities, but if you’d like to get a head start, check out the Conference Planning Manual and Timeline from the Planning Tools section of
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ARLIS/NA 2014 Conference: Call for Co-Chairs


I wanted to take a moment to update you on recent developments for the 2014 ARLIS/NA Conference.

Many of you have read the letter from ARLIS/NA President, Jon Evans, posted to ARLIS-L on June 4. In it, he proposed a three year ARLIS/NA + VRA joint conference cycle, landing the next joint conference in Washington in 2014. Discussions are ongoing between the ARLIS/NA and VRA boards. Laurel Bliss, the Chapter Liaison, keeps me appraised as things develop.

Despite the uncertainty of the nature of the 2014 Washington conference, I would like to make a call for nominations for Conference Co-Chairs.

The Co-Chairs are responsible for appointing members of the Local Conference Planning Committee, leading the conference organization efforts, and maintaining communication with the Executive Board. As the size and shape of the 2014 conference may shift, I would add that the Co-Chairs also be flexible during these initial planning stages. Specific requirements are laid out in the Conference Planning Manual. This and the Conference Planning Timeline are available through the administrative documents page of Please review these documents if you are interested in co-chairing or serving on the Committee.

Nominations can be submitted to me via email,, or by phone, 202-842-6051. The list of nominees will then be forwarded to Jon Evans, who will make the official appointment.

What an exciting time! I look forward to our upcoming meeting at George Mason on July 29. Hope to see you there!

Anne Simmons
Chapter Chair